Work Package 3: Integration of Dynamic Models and Processes

WP 3 will employ coupled ecosystem and transport models to describe benthic fluxes, lateral transport and trophic interactions at higher levels.

The area-wide estimates of important state variables gained in WP3 will support the implementation of pressure-state indicators as well as decision support systems and further provides a basis for assessing ecosystem changes due to climate and human impacts.

Conceptual model of factors controlling benthic fluxes

Conceptual model of factors controlling benthic fluxes.


The overall objective of WP3 is to improve our understanding of how physical properties, biogeochemical processes and trophic relationships govern the seafloor today and test for measurable effects of external pressures on the state, functions and services of the benthic ecosystem. Specific objectives are:

  • To compile existing data on sedimentological and biogeochemical parameter
  • To exploit model-based reconstructions for describing physical boundary conditions
  • To conduct diagenetic process modeling for quantifying benthic fluxes
  • To map physical and biogeochemical properties of the seafloor for the development of the habitat atlas in WP1
  • To assess trophic relationships and investigate bentho-pelagic coupling
  • To define scenario envelopes for specific driver and indicators on a regional scale to WP 4
  • To publish advances in technical and scientific knowledge

Work Package Leader: Christian Möllmann (CEN), Ulrich Callies (HZG)